Hextol Warehouse

Work in our Warehouse, making sure orders are correctly handled.

In the Warehouse, you could be helping to put an order together, sometimes making up a pallet ready to be shipped to a customer. You might also be helping to organise our storage department or moving furniture around. You will see fewer customers in this role.

Working in the warehouse will give you a fully supported, hands on role. It is located at our Gilesgate office in Hexham.

If being ‘on the go’ all the time is your thing, this is the department for you! You’ll work alongside an experienced supervisor who will show you the skills required to deal with  customers’ orders, make sure storage is correctly allocated and check everything before it is sent by courier or freight.

For more information please see our warehouse information leaflet, or for an application form, contact Jo on:
Tel – 01434 605253 Mobile - 07826 620361
Email – jo.elliott@hextol.org.uk

At the Hextol Warehouse you may:

Help to move stock around

Learn about how orders get to our customers

Help organise delivery of goods