Our supporters

The Hextol Foundation receives grant funding each year from a number of different funders, to whom we are most grateful. Without the financial assistance and belief in our mission and values that our funders demonstrate, we would not be able to operate.

Take a look at the image opposite which shows some of the organisations who have funded us. We also receive donations from other funders and the public, including some regular donations from long standing customers.

To view a more detailed version of the image opposite, click here.


In 2022 we reached a milestone - 100,000 hours of supported work placements. This is an amazing achievement for all our beneficiaries, volunteers and staff!

We provide a valuable, unique service to our beneficiary group which is more in demand than ever. It is clear to see the impact that funding has upon our community and we are now well on our way to providing our next 100,000 hours. 

Every donation has an impact upon our beneficiaries. If you would like to make a personal donation to The Hextol Foundation, please click here. If you represent a company and are interested in fundraising on our behalf, you can find more information here.